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August   Bank   Holiday   Monday,   a   wonderful   hot   day   with   blue   skies,   saw   over   6500   people   at Emsworth   Show.   This   including   paying   visitors,   EHS   volunteers,   judges,   stewards,   staff   from attractions    and    trade    stands,    marquee    exhibitors,    and    other    people    involved    in    the    show organisation. The   Emsworth   Show,   organised   by   Emsworth   Horticultural   Society,   was   a   success   thanks   to   the devoted   support   of   the   people   of   the   Emsworth   area.   This   includes   all   the   keen   gardeners   in   the area,    the    sponsors,    stallholders,    arena    event    attractions,    entertainers,    amusements,    Havant Borough   Council,   and   all   the   volunteers   who   carry   out   all   the   various   tasks   to   enable   the   show   to go ahead and make such an enjoyable day for the large number of visitors. After   a   tour   of   the   Exhibition   Marquee   the   Show   was   opened   by   the   Mayor   of   Havant,   Councillor Elaine   Shimbart.   The   Emsworth   Show   features   one   of   the   best   horticultural   shows   in   Hampshire,   with   marching bands, wildlife displays, a fun dog show and lots of stalls for visitors to enjoy. In   the   NORSE   sponsored   Main   Arena   there   were   events   throughout   the   day   including   the   Quack Pack   the   amazing   sheep   dog   display,   Ferret   World,   GMG   Falconry   with   a   birds   of   prey   flying demonstrations    as    well    as    feeding    time    with    an    excellent    static    display,    Fit    and    Funky    and Homested Dog Agility. In   the   SANCTUARY   VET    sponsored   Small   Arena   there   were   Havant   and   Waterlooville   Youth Football, Fishbourne Hill Morris Dancers, Lovedean Karate and the ever popular Dog Show.   The   entries   for   the   Horticultural   Exhibition   Marquee   for   the   last   three   years   show   that   2017   was   a record year 2015, 155 Entrants, 798 Entries 2016, 126 Entrants, 660 Entries 2017, 175 Entrants, 947 Entries
The   Devoil   Blue   Riband,   awarded   for   the   Best   in   Show   was   won   by   Allan   Chivers,   a   well   known dahlia   grower ,    for   three   beautiful   dahlias.   He   also   won   the   Tricket   Cup   for   the   most   points   in   the   Dahlia   Section   and   the National   Dahlia   Society   Silver   Medal.   The   Dahlia   display   demonstrated   the   skill   of   gardeners   in   creating   perfect   blooms   and keeping the earwigs at bay .   The   Banksian   Medal   awarded   by   the   Royal   Horticultural   Society   for   the   winning   the    most   Prize   Money   was   awarded   to   William Howarth, who also won the Vice President’s Cup for the most points in Fruit Classes and the Reeves cup for the best gladioli. Peter   Rogers,   is   a   renowned   young   grower   who   lives   in   Emsworth,   won   many   of   the   key   cups   and   prizes   in   the   show,   including the   Basil   Williams   Trophy   for   the   highest   number   of   points   in   the   Horticultural   classes   1-7,   the   National   Vegetable   Society Medal,   the   Stares   Memorial   Cup   for   the   most   points   in   the   Vegetable   Classes,   the   Phillip’s   Trophy   for   the   Best   Collection   in Class   1   and   he   was   also   was   Emsworth   Champion   Gardener.      He   also   grows   great   flowers   winning   the   Dahlia   Championship and   receiving   the   Holliss   Memorial   Cup,   the   NDS   Bronze   Medal,   the   Jubilee   Cup   for   most   points   in   Roses,   and   the   Fuchsia Society Medal for the Best Fuchsia, and the Emsworth Flower Cup for the Best Flower exhibit. Mrs   Pat   Carter,   also   our   photographer   for   the   lovely   Summer   Garden   Competition   photos   was   also   a   good   contender   winning the   Booth   Plate   for   exhibition   onions   over   250gms   and   many   prizes   in   vegetable   classes.   Her   friend   Rita   Sandy   was   successful in the flower classes winning the Hasking Cup for most points and the Soles Top Vase. The   Flower   Arranging   theme   was   ‘Beside   the   Seaside’   and   the   Emsworth   Afternoon   Flower   Club   had   a   wonderful   display   of seaside   plants   and   accessories   to   illustrate   the   theme.   The   Mills   Cup   for   the   most   points   was   won   by   won   by   Mrs   Ann   Buckley and   the   Whitehead   Flower   Cup   for   the   Best   Exhibit   went   to   Mrs   Wanda   Southgate.   The   entries   from   the   two   male   entrants were highly imaginative interpreting ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’.  The class was won by Mr Andrew Turner. We   are   very   grateful   for   the   support   of   all   our   entrants   who   compete   in   the   show,   especially   the   Young   Exhibitors   from   4   –   13 who show skills in so many classes. ( Click Here to view the Cup Winners List ). The   Handicraft   Section   reflected   a   variety   of   traditional   skills   including   quilting   with   large   and   small   quilts   and   cushions,   knitting, canvas   and   needlepoint   and   gift   cards.   The   best   in   this   section   was   a   quilt   made   by   Mrs   Mollie   Truphet   winning   the   Textile   Cup.     The Crafters Cup for a non-textile item went to Mrs Annette Wood. The   Photography   Section   had   a   record   number   of   entries   making   a   stunning   display   across   one   end   of   the   marquee.   The highly   regarded   judge   Peter   Rocchiccioli,   said   it   was   an   outstanding,   impressive   display   of   excellent   quality.   Ms   Carrie Davidson   won   the   Millennium   Cup   for   the   best   photograph.   The   Young   Exhibitor   Photographic   Section   was   won   by   Miss   Lisa Fellows.
The   prizes   in   the   Exhibition   marquee   were   presented   by   Lulu   Bowerman,   one   of   our   local   councillors.      She   also   helped   as   a volunteer   on   the   showground.   Our   Plant   Stall   did   a   brisk   trade   and   many   people   have   taken   home   interesting   new   additions   to their   gardens.   The   Dog   show   was   very   popular   with   11   classes   attracting   200   entries.   The   Champion   Dog   was   a   Dalmatian Labrador, named Pippa.    All   this   plus   a   wide   variety   of   stalls,   teas   and   food   outlets   and   children’s’   attractions   including      train   rides,   pony   rides, roundabouts,   face   painting,   coconut   shy   and   good   food   to   eat.      The      general   impression   was   that   this   was   a   good   show   with positive reactions from visitors. The weather was excellent with over 6000 people on the ground. There was a Park and Ride  Scheme which worked very well. The   next   Emsworth   Show   is   provisionally   booked   for   Bank   Holiday   Monday   August   2018   and   planning   will   soon   be   underway. We are already thinking about next year’s show so if you want to join us please contact us if you would like to help. We   will   publish   on   line   all   the   contact   numbers   for   stalls,   attractions   and   entertainment   as   well   as   a   full   and   revised   schedule   for the Exhibition Marquee. The   show   is   the   result   of   a   great   team   effort.      The   Show   Committee   of   the   Emsworth   Horticultural   Society   would   like   to   thank   all those   involved   for   making   it   a   successful   day,   especially   Havant   Borough   Council   and   Norse   for   their   logistical   and   other support. We   greatly   appreciate   the   generosity   of   The   New   Life   Church   at   Thorney   Road,   Emsworth   who   allowed   us   to   use   their   land   for the   Park   and   Ride,   and   Emsworth   and   District   Bus   Company   for   providing   the   buses   to   give   people   a   free   ride   to   the   Show Ground. We   also   thank   all   those   who   came   to   join   in   the   fun   of   the   arena,   to   buy   at   the   big   range   of   stalls   and   share   the   success   of   all the entrants to the horticultural exhibits. The show needs you all!!
Some Facebook Comments 'There   was   something   for   everyone,   I   was   with   my   grandchildren   and   my   husband,   I   love   the atmosphere particularly for me the music and seeing friends...' 'We   had   a   wonderful   day   my   brother   and   his   girlfriend   visited   from   Darlington   so   it   was   perfect   for   a family   day   out   ...   plenty   to   see   and   do   well   worth   the   entrance   fee...   the   events   were   fantastic   loved everything    from    the    ducks,    dogs,    ferrets,    falconry    to    the    classic    card    and    motorbikes.    We    will definitely be there again next year thankyou for an amazing day xxx' 'Great   day,   good   selection   of   arts   crafts   and   entertainment.   Beer   outlets   were   the   icing   on   the   cake for   a   hot   summers   day   whilst   watching   the   brass   band   and   Pompey   Pluckers.   Best   food   for   us   was Jai's Taste of Asia with freshly cooked authentic foods from afar!'
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