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Emsworth Show 2018 - “fabulous”, “a rich experience”, “the best Show I judge at”, “wonderful atmosphere”. These   were   just   some   of   the   many   positive   comments   we   have   had   back   from   members of   the   public,   judges,   entertainers   and   volunteers   this   year.         Despite   the   heavy   rain   on Sunday   it   was   warm   and   dry   on   Monday,   with   firm   footing   on   the   Showground   ...amazing displays   (almost   750   exhibits)   in   the   horticultural   Marquee,   including   many   classes   like the   children's   ones,   not   affected   by   the   poor   growing   season;      well   over   100   stalls, including   a   popular   Reptiles   and   Amphibians   tent;   the   brand   new   Arena   event   in   the   Jago Developments   Arena   from   the   Sussex   Army   Cadets,   with   two   teams   assembling   a   Jago Kitcar,   and   racing   to   be   first   driving   it   over   the   finish   line.         Old   favourites   like   Fit   'n   Funky and   the   falconry   display   entertained   the   crowds   round   the   Jago   arena,   whilst   the   Morris Dancers   and   Dog   Show   was   popular   in   the   Sanctuary   Vets   Arena   in   the   West   Field.      The bands   in   the   Seaward   Developments   band   tent   had   everyone   tapping   their   feet   while   they enjoyed   a   drink.         About   5000   adults   and   children   were   on   the   grounds,   with   over   180 volunteers   working   hard   all   weekend   to   give   the   local   community   a   fabulous   day,   and raise   money   for   their   own   work   –   for   instance   the   Rotary   Club   of   Havant,   and   the   bottle tombola for the Lions raised almost £2000. Traffic Chaos Mars the day Our   very   limited   parking   on   or   near   the   Showground,   kindly   provided   by   the   Tier   family,   St   James's   School,   St Thomas'   Catholic   Church   and   Havant   Borough   Council,   give   a   maximum   of   150   places   for   people   on   site   all   day only,   and   a   further   150   for   those   who   want   to   arrive   and   leave   during   the   Show   –   mainly   our   judges   and   workers at   the   Show.      On   all   our   literature   we   stated   'there   is   no   public   parking   at   the   Show' .      For   the   last   6   years   we have   run   a   free   Park   and   Ride   shuttle   bus   (costing   the   Show   £2000)   from   the   nearby   New   Life   Church   off   the main    road,    which    has    been    fairly    well    used.    Those    who    would    not    use    this    service,    could    drop    off    their passengers   at   the   entrance,   and   then   go   down   to   the   Park   and   Ride.         In   extreme   cases,   there   might   be   a   space available   in   the   priority   parking   area.         However   this   year   a      large   number   of   drivers   decided   that   they   would   not only   park   in   the   residential   side   streets,   often   blocking   drives,   but   also   park   along   Horndean   Road,   causing   a   2 hour   snarl   up.         This   is   unacceptable,   including   the   abuse   given   to   our   traffic   team,   and   I   apologise   through   your pages   to   the      local   residents   who   suffered,   or   had   their   cars   damaged   this   year.         Unfortunately   the   police assistance   we   have   had   in   the   past   has   not   been   available   for   the   last   3   Shows;   we   had   put   out   some   cones, loaned   to   us   by   Skanska,   the   Hamphsire   Highways   contractors,   but   have   no   legal   right   to   stop   people   parking   so thoughtlessly.         The   Show   Team   will   be   working   hard   to   explore   possible   solutions   to   avoid   this   problem   next year. Join the Dream team! Meanwhile,   we   always   need   new   volunteers   to   help   over   Show   weekend   or   to   assist   with   the   huge   preparations needed   to   put   the   Show   on.         The   load   on   some   of   our   team   is   now   too   great   for   a   single   person,   so   we   are looking at ways to split the work.   Please contact me on 012 4337 2825 to discuss how YOU  could help in 2019.  Faith Ponsonby, Show Chair.
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Show Date 27th Aug  2018
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THE EMSWORTH HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY This   Society,   founded   in   1919,   is   run   by   and   for   the   benefit   of   its   members.   Although   an   Emsworth   Society we welcome members from other areas.   Membership   is   £7   per   household   per   year   available   at   the   Distribution   Store,   Washington   Road   Allotment Site   (10   am   to   12   noon   Sunday   mornings),   at   any   of   our   widely   advertised   talks,   in   the   Information   Tent   at the Show or visit our website. Membership includes free entry to our popular talks.   The   Society   could   not   be   successful   without   the   involvement   of   so   many   of   its   members.   Members   organise and help with the Distribution Store and many other tasks, which keep the Society running smoothly.   Nearly   200   volunteers   do   so   much   to   help   make   the   EMSWORTH   SHOW   the   success   it   has   become   and their efforts are much appreciated. Your help in this and other jobs would be most welcome.   Any   Surplus   remaining   from   the   Show   income   after   payment   of   expenses   is   distributed   to   local   good causes.  
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EMSWORTH SHOW STORIES AND PICTURES What   did   you   like   best   about   the   show?   Did   you win a prize? What did you take pictures of? The   Horticultural   Society   would   like   you   to   send a    small    selection    of    your    best    show    photos, preferably    with    captions    or    even    a    three-line ‘story’.   These   are   for   our   archives   but   may   be used on our website. Send by e-mail to Chris Shaw -  or phone 01243 377459.