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Emsworth Show 2017
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Show Date 28th Aug  2017
The Emsworth Show is open to all members of the public, on payment of £4 per adult, however the Emsworth Show Committee reserve the right of admission. Once payment has been made for admission no refunds may be given. Any person or persons whose presence at the Emsworth Show is considered not to be beneficial to everyone else attending the Show may be asked to leave the event.   WRIST BANDS All adults will be require to wear a wrist band which indicates that they are permitted to be at the Show. Any adult found on the showground without the appropriate wrist band will be asked to leave the showground.  IT IS A CONDITION OF ENTRY THAT OFFICIAL WRIST BANDS ARE WORN WHILST AT THE SHOW. Wrist bands are not transferable. Wrist bands are waterproof.   Should you leave the Show for any reason, planning to return later, you should not remove your wrist band. To be valid the wristband must be intact around the wrist. Possession of a wrist band is not proof of payment of admission or ownership of the wrist band. The decision of the staff at the gate regarding the validity of wrist bands is final. There is no recourse to appeal, higher authority and no refunds.   Children under twelve years old, accompanied by an adult who pays the admission fee, are admitted free. Children, admitted free, will not require a wrist band.   Whilst we advertise events, activities and entertainments we will not be held responsible for the failure of any events, activity and/or entertainment being available or the quality of any of the events, activities or entertainments. Failure of any of these to please cannot be held as a reason for refund.    
PARKING DISCLAIMER   All participants in the Emsworth Show must abide by instructions issued, whether written or directed on the day by Show Staff, regarding car parking. Whilst the Emsworth Show Committee (hereinafter called "the Committee") and their volunteers will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of any persons and the vehicles parking, on or off site, or in the designated Park and Ride parking area, the Committee, nor any individual members of the Committee, nor any volunteers assisting the Committee, cannot be held liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever to any vehicle or persons, or their property arising by parking at, or around the Emsworth Show or in the designated parking area.  
PARKING SPACES ARE LIMITED - Although we may supply Car Park passes to Guests, volunteers, stall holders and others this does not imply that a parking space will be available for them. On-site parking spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis to all car park pass holders. Parking space is very limited and we would ask anyone parking on site to be aware that we may at any time during the Show ask them to remove their vehicle from the site. On site parking is only allowed on the condition that you may be asked to remove your vehicle at any time and you will do so when requested. Parking on site is not guaranteed.  
PARK AND RIDE Click on the Park & Ride logo for more information. All public parking is on the Emsworth Show Park and Ride site which is located at the New Life Church in Thorney Road.   There will be no on-site parking facilities for the general public, including Blue Badge holders. All members of the public should make use of the FREE Park and Ride facility. PARKING IS FREE OF CHARGE  
Blue Badge holders and/or people with disabilities should, who think they might need special access read our notes on DISABLED ACCESS.