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Emsworth Show 2017
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Emsworth Show 2017 We urgently need good organisers to fill key posts on the show team: Raffle Manager To   source   raffle   prizes,   organise   the   printing   and   sale   of   tickets,   announce   prize   winners,   organise   the   distribution of prizes and publicise a list of winners. Please    email    Lyn    Davies    on ,    or    phone    01243    373810   or   077476   61992   to   offer   your services or for further information.
Show Date 28th Aug  2017
EMSWORTH SHOW GROUNDS CREW – Volunteers wanted! We   need   willing   and   able   volunteers   for   the   Show   Grounds   Crew.      If   you   or   anyone   you   know   is   happy   to   help   with   any (or parts of) the below, please ask them to contact me. Many thanks! Helena Bacon, 2017 Emsworth Show Grounds Manager EMSWORTH SHOW GROUNDS CREW TEAMS AND TASKS August Bank Holiday Weekend ARENAS AND GAZEBOS TEAM (includes some physical work) Saturday afternoon Assist with Hollybank store outload. Sunday Mark out and build the two arenas, including seating, PA and performers’ areas.  Erect gazebos (approx 12). Show Day (after Show) Dismantle and stow arenas (including seating). Dismantle and stow gazebos. Assist with Hollybank store backload. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT TEAM (includes some physical work) Saturday afternoon Assist with Hollybank store outload. Supply horticultural marquee services (mostly placing tables). Sunday  Show   electrical   supply   check   (show   generator,   cabling   and   fuel   ready   /secure   and   Cricket   Pavilion   ring   main   cable ready/secure). Show water supply build (ensure water supply from central point via hose). Show Day Show   electrical   supply   hook-up   (ensure   supply   from   show   generator   cabling   and   Cricket   Pavilion   ring   main   to Show catering and recording equipment – no responsibility for stalls/vendors). Manage Show electrical supply (regular check of correct use and safety). Manage Show water supply (simple check on serviceability & availability). Set out other sundry services, including seating/bandstand area. Manage any horticultural marquee services required (slight, last-minute requirements). Assist with Hollybank store backload after Show. TRAFFIC, HEALTH AND SAFETY TEAM (includes some physical work) Saturday afternoon Assist with Hollybank store outload Sunday Make   contact   with   the   Show   security   guards   and   confirm   final   arrangements   for   security,   health   and   safety   iaw   the Show’s Health and Safety and Fire/Emergency plans. Make final arrangements for Park and Ride. Make final arrangements for traffic control, including siting and checking signage.  Show Day Control showground traffic (mostly stalls traffic before and just after Show). Run the Park and Ride, including start up and closedown. Assist   with   ground   security,   health   and   safety   (includes   fire   exit   security   and   acting   as   fire/emergency   marshals   if necessary). Assist with Hollybank store backload after Show. DESIGN AND ORGANISATION TEAM (includes physical work.  On duty a week prior to bank holiday weekend and couple of days following.  Assist   the   Grounds   Manager   in   ensuring   delivery   of   all   equipment,   facilities   and   services   as   per   Grounds   Tasks Schedule. Assist   with   outload   and   backload   of   Hollybank   store   and   any   other   grounds   tasks   on   Show   weekend,   including marking out.
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