Graham   Steel   writes:   ‘The   2016   Show   was   a   great   success   on   many   levels.      The   attendance was   high,   the   variety   of   the   entertainment   in   the   arenas   was   great,   the   quality   of   the   stalls was   fantastic,   the   horticultural   marquee   remains   the   best   in   the   area   and   new   ideas   like   the bandstand/bar area worked very well.’  It was a show to be proud of. Graham   has   now   resigned   as   Show   Chairman   due   to   pressure   of   work.      He   began   his chairmanship   by   gaining   the   support   of   the   EHS   to   continue   with   the   Show   in   its   present   form.     In   the   two   years   he   chaired   the   show   committee   he   steered   and   encouraged   it   towards   new ways   of   doing   things,   increasing   the   use   of   technology   and   social   media   for   example,   while maintaining the core of the Show, the horticultural marquee. We   now   not   only   need   a   new   Show   Chair,   but   are   also   looking   for   people   to   join   the   ground management   and   show   secretary   (horticultural   marquee)   teams,   someone   to   co-ordinate publicity   and   on   Show   day,   an   information   officer.         If   you   are   interested   in   any   of   these   jobs, or   know   someone   who   might   be,   I’d   be   pleased   to   discuss   what’s   involved   and   to   invite   you   to the next show committee meeting at the ECA on November 10 th  2016 (7-9pm).  Phone or email: Lyn Davies, and 01243 373810
Emsworth Show 2016 Show Report
Next Annual Emsworth Show will be held on Monday Bank Holiday 28th August 2017
More details will be available on this website in the near future
Show Date 28th Aug 2017
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